NBA 2K21 – ‘Galaxy Opal’ Patrick Williams

NBA 2K21 – ‘Galaxy Opal’ Patrick Williams

Chicago Bulls is a well-known NBA basketball team which possesses many talented players within its ranks.

Together with the recent ‘Trials of Champions’ promo, a Season Rewind Player Card has also been introduced for you to redeem into your current MyTeam (MT) squad today.

One player to be receiving the special treatment is Chicago Bulls’ very own Small Forward/ Power Forward, Patrick Williams, who will be given a massive player upgrade in the form of a ‘Galaxy Opal’ Player Card!

Boasting an Overall Rating of 98, William’s ‘Galaxy Opal’ Player Card showcases many improved attributes such as:

  • Potential (Potential): 98
  • Hands (Inside Scoring): 98
  • Shot IQ (Outside Scoring): 95
  • 3-Point Shot (Outside Scoring): 95
  • Offensive Consistency (Outside Scoring): 95

Williams is an incredible player who is quick around the vicinity of the hoop, taking the shot whenever he sees an opportunity while running with the ball.

In order to recruit him today, you will need to complete these five (5) Agendas to land him into your current MT squad:

  • Manage twenty-five (25) Rebounds with any Chicago Bulls player in any game.
  • Score a total of one hundred and twenty-five (125) Points with Chicago Bulls players in Triple-Threat or Triple-Threat Online.
  • Land twenty (20) Assists with Chicago Bulls players in any Multiplayer game mode.
  • Manage fifteen (15) Blocks with Chicago Bulls players in Triple-Threat (offline).
  • Steal fifteen (15) times using Chicago Bulls players in any game mode.

Just make sure you play your basketball games using the Chicago Bulls, and all these will be completed very easily.

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